OSD Nero XA5180 Class H 240W 5x Channel Home Theater Amplifier RCA XLR Inputs, Audiophile Class H Technology


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Product Description

Nero XA5180 Amplifier over a living room Nero XA5180 Amplifier over a living room





Class H

Class H

Solid Build

Solid Build

The XA5180 includes both Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (RCA) Inputs. Balanced or XLR Inputs include a ground wire, making them better for long cable runs. And Unbalanced or RCA Inputs provide a more reliable signal on shorter runs.

The XA5180 was built with Gold and Gun Metal plated connectors to ensure a superior signal transfer. Whether you’re using regular speaker wire, audiophile grade speaker cable or banana plug cable inserts your sound quality will not waiver.

Class H amplifiers carry the benefits of Class A/B amplifiers but in more efficient packages. This makes them more efficient, keep cooler temperatures, and value a reduction in power consumption.

The XA5180 has a super solidly built chassis. Weighing in at 50lbs, this amplifier is sturdy and designed to handle all of the power running out of it.

XA5180 300x400XA5180 300x400

XA5180 350 x 175XA5180 350 x 175

NOTE: The NERO-XA5180 features a brushed aluminum faceplate with a wax coating to repel fingerprints. Be careful when initially removing the amplifier from its packaging and during its placement, as the wax can scratch. We suggest wiping down the brushed aluminum faceplate using a lint-free soft cloth. This will help remove any dust or wax residue on the surface. Isopropyl alcohol or a multi-purpose kitchen or window cleaner applied to a clean cloth will remove fingerprints from the chassis.

Dimensions: (H x W x D) 6″ x 17″ x 16.75″ Weight: 50 lbs


Class H, 240W 5x Channel Home Theater Amplifier

Adding a separate amplifier is essential to experiencing spine-chilling surround sound, and our NERO-XA5180 delivers on power. This Class H amp provides 180W to five separate channels, so each speaker in your surround setup has a generous amount of power rather than having to share power with the sound array. When paired with great speakers, you’ll hear music and movie soundtracks with exceptional clarity and warmth, turning a decent home theater into a high-end movie-theater level experience.

5 Channels Power Out : 120W Per Chan/8Ohm, 180W Per Chan/4Ohm Inputs: XLR/RCA Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB Input Sensitivity: 1 Volt Power: 120VAC, ±3%, 50Hz – 60Hz

Class H Advanced TechClass H Advanced Tech


How is this unit powered?

The XA5180 comes with its own 3 prong power cable to power it. The power it requires is 120VAC, ±3%, 50Hz-60Hz.

Power DistributionPower Distribution

What is the distribution of power between zones?

With all 5 zones running you’ll be pushing out 120W of Power at 8 Ohm and 180W of Power at 4 Ohm RMS. As you utilize fewer and fewer zones, the power distribution goes up. With 4 Zones, you’re getting 160W at 8 Ohm and 220W at 4 Ohm. And with 3 zones you’re looking at 200W at 8 Ohm and 260W at 4 Ohm.


What are some uses for the XA5180?

The XA5180 can be used in a few ways to distribute your audio. It can be used as your main amplifier supplying 5 zones of power throughout your home. Or as advertised it can be utilized to help power your home theater audio and make sure you’re getting the surround sound audio you deserve.


Do I need special cables to run this unit?

No. The XA5180 will work with any quality audio or speaker wire. Although we highly recommend using the Aurum Cable Series when it comes to audio cables for any heavy-duty projects.

OSD Audio White Logo on a Red BackgroundOSD Audio White Logo on a Red Background

OSD Audio

Optimal Speaker Design (OSD) is engaged in the design, engineering, and distribution of high-quality home and commercial audio products. Our products range in complexity from simple in-ceiling speakers to whole-house audio systems – all with beautiful styling and high-end sound quality. Our U.S.-based research, development, and design team is supported by a network of cutting-edge acoustical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Together, we create products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience.

[Advanced Class H Technology] Combines the benefits of Class A/B for exceptionally warm and accurate music and movie soundtracks in a more efficient Class H design
[Custom-Tooled Connectors] Includes balanced (XLR) and unbalanced inputs (RCA) as well as custom gold and gun-metal plated connectors for excellent signal transfer
[Runs Cool and Quiet] Custom-designed heatsinks achieve full power without the need for noisy fans
[Reliable and Continuous Power] High-Output Toroidal Power Supply delivers reliable and continuous power to surround sound speaker arrays

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OSD Nero XA5180 Class H 240W 5x Channel Home Theater Amplifier RCA XLR Inputs, Audiophile Class H Technology


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