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AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Power Amplifier 300Wx2 HiFi Class D Stereo Digital Audio Amp 2.0 Channel Amplifier for Passive Speaker Home Audio (A07+DC 32V Power Adapter)


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Amplifier chip TPA3255 Max Output power 300W+300W (4 ohm load,Under DC 48V,Current Over 7A) Audio input ways 3.5mm AUX Audio input/ RCA Audio input Number of channels 2.0 channels/Stereo Power supply DC24-48V (outer diameter 5.5mm inner diameter 2.5mm) Audio Output ways 3.5mm AUX Audio Output(Connect active equipment) / RCA (Passive Speaker) Impedance 4-8 Ohm Size 154*100*40MM/6*3.93*1.5inch


HiFi integrated class D amplifier

300W+300W Dual Channel audio amplifier ,Mini Power Amp, More powerful, Sound great

Build quality is surprisingly solid,Nice touch

The dual 300W shocking bass output is compatible with passive stereo speakers of most sizes and impedance specifications

Two input ways:3.5mm AUX Audio input/ RCA Audio input

Note:When using a 32V or 36V power supply, the sound quality of the A07 amplifier will be better, the distortion rate will be low, and the service life will be longer, but the power can only reach the size of the voltage multiplied by the current. For example, using a 32V 5A power supply, the power can only reach Max 160W.

Therefore, please choose the speaker and power supply reasonably according to the requirements, so that the machine can achieve the best use effect.


Use TPA3255 Chip, digital audio amplifier BTL bridge max power output 300W x 2 channel design, THD less than 0.008% when working continuously

Please pay attention!

Q: Why the amplifier distortion when raising volume ?

A: Under normal circumstances, distortion is caused by the mismatch between the power of the amplifier and the speaker. Therefore, it can be reasonably matched according to the ratio of 1.2-1.5 to 1 between the power amplifier and the speaker

Q: How to match the amplifier and speakers reasonably?

A: The best match is 1.2-1.5:1 (that is, the speaker power is 50W, then the power amplifier power is 60W-75W)

Q: The power amplifier is connected correctly, why is there noise such as electric current?

A: 1.please check whether there is current sound when no load, and whether there is no current sound when no load; 2.please replace the audio input wire and input device. Inferior audio lines can also cause noise; 3.If there is current noise at no load, you can replace the power supply to test again; 4.Power Supply & speaker power do not match with the Amplifier, will also lead to noise problems such as distortion ;5.At the same time, confirm that the surrounding current signals will not cause interference to the equipment; 6.Please make sure all the cable completely pushed into the device,incompletely connections will create distorted.At the same time, it is ensured that there is a spacing between the output positive and negative audio lines, being close together will cause noise or one of the channels will not work;

Q: Can this A07 work with headphones ?

A: This A07 does not work with headphones,3.5mm AUX interface is mainly used for audio output, it can also be used as audio input.But 3.5 mm AUX and RCA input port cannot be used as input at the same time.Please keep in mind!

Note:The use of audio electronic products is closely related to the size of the speaker and the power supply. It should be used in a reasonable combination.

So any doubt, please ask me for technical assistance. We will give you a very satisfactory service.

www.amazon.com/hz/help/contact/A3BG62S1F23IH5# .Or leave any of your instant messaging account and I’ll contact you!

This is a A07 chart showing how to choose the power supply and Speaker


Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 No Bluetooth 5.0

Max power Output
100W+100W 50W+50W+100W 50W+50W+100W 175W+175W 160W+160W

Audio Input
Bluetooth/RCA Bluetooth/AUX Bluetooth 5.0/RCA/U-Disk RCA Bluetooth/RCA/U-disk

Audio Output
RCA(Passive Speakers) RCA(Passive Speaker,Subwoofer Output) RCA(Passive Speaker,Passive Subwoofer Speaker),Active Subwoofer Output RCA(Passive Speaker) RCA(Powered Subwoofer Speaker;Passive Speaker

Work Voltage
AC 110V – 240V AC 110V – 240V AC 110V – 240V AC 110V – 240V AC 110V – 240V

Input voltage
DC24-32V DC 12-24V DC 12-24V DC 24-35V DC 12-24V

❷ 300W+300W HiFi integrated class D amplifier, Exclusively designed for the customers who pursue HiFi sound,High efficient max power output up to 300 Watt
❸ Two input ways:3.5mm AUX Audio input/ RCA Audio input(3.5mm interface is also Aux Audio output interface(3.5mm AUX sed as audio output can go to connect any Powered device: Speakers, Amplifier,Active Subwoofer ect.).More detail connection and use ways,pls see the main picture shown)
❹ Simple compact design,And the exterior design is delicate and beautiful little amp,It can match with your computer/ desktop /Home theatre system and so on;A computer, an tube preamp(TUBE A3 PRO / T7 / T8), matched with our A07 home speaker amplifier, connected to your home audio passive speakers to form a perfect HIFI system, allowing you to liberate your ears in this noisy city

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AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Power Amplifier 300Wx2 HiFi Class D Stereo Digital Audio Amp 2.0 Channel Amplifier for Passive Speaker Home Audio (A07+DC 32V Power Adapter)


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