5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, WiMiUS Top K8 Full HD Projector 4K Support Native 1080P, 370 ANSI Lumens 4P/4D Keystone, 50% Zoom, Bluetooth 5.1 Outdoor Video Projector for PC PS5 Smartphone USB


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Product Description

WiMiUS K8 projectorWiMiUS K8 projector

Have you been searching for the best projector under 300 USD?

Thanks for your patience. It is coming now.

Let’s welcome our TOP model WiMiUS K8 WiFi Bluetooth Projector!

To develop this projector, hundreds of R&D engineers keep working day and night for about 1 year. This will surely not let you down.

1. Brightest and Clearest—It is 100% brighter and clearer than other 300 USD projectors.

2. 5G Wifi and Bluetooth 5.1—5G Wifi will bring faster and more stable connection, no more lag. Bluetooth compatibility is much larger.

3. 4 Point and 4D Keystone Correction—Convenient 4P/4D keystone correction makes it easier to adjust the image shape.

4. First-class Inner Speaker—The dual 10W inner stereo speaker will bring perfect sound.

5. Full-sealed Dust Proof Design—Say goodbye to inner dust.

6. Longest LED Lamp—200,000 hours led lamp, 3 times longer than other lcd projectors.

5G wifi projector5G wifi projector

WiFi Projector

wimius projectorwimius projector

P.S: For all projectors, when connected with smartphone, it can’t support netflix, hulu, disney. Please plug TV stick to watch these apps.

Fastest 5G WiFi Connection

Nowadays more and more wifi projectors are available. How to choose one between thousands of wifi projectors? Firstly we suggest choose 5G wifi projectors. If there is no 5G mark on the description. It means the projector is 2.4G. The date transmission speed is much slower than 5G. Secondly we suggest to choose the latest model because it will have lastest 5G technology.

Our WiMiUS K8 model has the latest 5G chip, it’s easy and fast to connect with wifi to realize wireless mirroring with smartphones. Below is the steps: 1. Go to setting—wifi setting, connect projector to home wifi. 2. Connect smartphone to same home wifi. 3. Turn on “mirror” function of smartphone, then it works.

Business projector

Business projector

Zoom function

Zoom function

portable projector

portable projector

Business Presentation/Excel/Word via USB Drive

For traditional projectors, if we want to show PowerPoint presentation, excel or word, we need to connect projector with heavy computer or PC. While for WiMiUS K8 model, just plug an USB drive to it, you could begin your presentation. A very good partner for small conference.

100%-50% Zoom Out Function

It has convenient 100%-50% zoom out function. There are 2 zoom out methods of this movie projector. Just choose whichever you like.

We could shrink the image by vertically and horizontally each by 50%.

We could shrink the whole image by 50%.

With Dedicated Carrying Bag

This portable projector size is 10.23*9.44*3.93 inches with 4.4lb weight. It comes with a carrying bag. You could take it for home movie, backyard party or small business conference.

Bright projectorBright projector

Highest Brightness Under 300 USD

Brightness is the core of a projector. Low brightness projector is harm to our eyes. As a professional projector expert, we suggest to choose high lumens projectors even if they are a little more expensive than others. Because it not only will offer better viewing experience, but also better projection your eyes and health.

WiMiUS has been improving the brightness of our new models. With the joint efforts of more than 100 top domestic projector experts, we developed this brightest K8 Full HD wifi bluetooth projector. It is much brighter than all other projectors under USD300. Even with some light on, the images are still watchable. In dark room, it’s comparable to real 4K cinema.

15000:1 Contrast Ratio

Contrast has a very critical effect on visual effects. Generally speaking, the greater the contrast, the clearer, brighter and more eye-catching of the image; while the lower the contrast, the whole picture will be gray. High contrast is very helpful for image clarity, detail performance, and gray level performance.

Our K8 video projector has the greatest contrast ratio 15000:1 (real), it will bring you very vivid and sharp images.

Native 1080 Support 4K

Generally, the higher the resolution of the projector, the more pixels it contains, and the clearer the image will be.

Currently there are 2 common resolutions, native 1080P and 1080P supported. Native 1080P resolution contains 1920*1080 pixels, while for 1080P supported projector, they only contain 1280*720 pixels or less. From this number, we could know the difference well.

Our hd projector is real native 1080P resolution, and when connected with smartphone, it can display 4K videos. The image has no difference compared with 1080P TV.

Full Sealed 200,000 Hours LED Lamp

To reduce dust enter into the projector, we adopted full sealed design, which can reduce dust entering rate by 50%. Also for the best model, we adopted best led lamp, which can last as long as 200,000 hours. If you use it 3 hours one day, it can be used for more than 182 years.

Bluetooth projectorBluetooth projector

Convenient Bluetooth 5.1

With bluetooth function, it can connect with various bluetooth speakers wirelessly.

P.S: It’s normal to have 0.5 second audio lag when connected with bluetooth speakers.

Built-in Bass-Reflex sound system

It was built in dual 10W stereo speakers. The sound quality is the best of all projectors. In normal size living room or bedroom, no external speakers needed.

Connect Firestick to Play Netflix, Hulu, Disney

Because of HDCP limit, when connected with smartphone, it can’t support netflix, hulu, disney. We need to plug an fire tv stick or chromecast to the projector, then we could enjoy these apps.

Please Note: If there is no sound, on your Fire TV Stick, go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > and then turn Dolby Digital Plus OFF.

Keystone correctionKeystone correction

4P/4D Keystone Correction(Vertical and horizontal)

If you want to put the projector in some angle, there are 2 solutions to adjust the image shape.

4P Keystone Correction—Adjust the shape via 4 point of the image. We attached a video in the QA part for your better reference.

4D Keystone Correction—Adjust the image by horizontal or vertical direction.

360 degree installation

It has 360°flip function. Supports desk mounting, ceiling mounting. For ceiling mount, the screw size is M4*10mm. There are 4 holes in the bottom of the projector for ceiling mount. Please pull the rubber filler first, then you will see the ceiling mount holes.

50-500 Inches Giant Projection Size

With 1.5-10m projection distance, it can project 50-500 inches images. The recommended projection distance is 3m with 90 inches screen. With 3.3m, you could get 100 inches screen.

To get images larger, we need to take the projector further to the screen.



Q1: How does it compare with other native 1080P wifi bluetooth projector?

A: This model is WiMiUS brightest model. You could use it with a little light one. But the darker the room, the better the image will be. And WiFi is faster and more stable.

Q2: How to watch Netflix, hulu or disney on it?

A: Kindly please plug a firestick or chromecast to the projector to watch these apps.

Q3: How to play 4K videos on it?

A: This is native 1080P Projector. It can support 4k only when connected with smartphones.

Q4: Is there any lag when connected with bluetooth speaker?

A: For current bluetooth projectors, it’s normal to have 1 second lag when connected with bluetooth speakers. While for WiMiUS K8 model, it has only 0.5 second lag.

Q5: There is black spot on the image, how to remove it?

A: It can be easily removed, please let us send you a video to solve it.

Fastest 5G Wifi & Bluetooth 5.1 Projector—After 1 year hard work, we developed this newest model. It is with both 2.4G and latest 5G wifi. When using 5 GHz, it is 2 times faster than other 5G wifi projectors, which will improve the mirroring quality greatly. Moreover, WiMiUS K8 full hd projector is equipped with the best dual 10W stero speakers. The machine itself will bring very good sound. Also with bluetooth 5.1 function, it can connect with kinds of bluetooth speakers, headset and so on.
WiMiUS Brightest & Native 1080P Projector with Bag—If you feel other 9500 lumens projector is dim, let’s try K8. With the highest brightness,15000:1 contrast ratio and 100% color gamut, the native resolution is real 1920*1080, also supports 4K video, all of these great features bring you brighter, sharper and more detailed images than all similar price projectors. For convenient carrying and better protection of the projector, we prepared a carrying bag in the package.
Convenient 4P/4D Keystone & 50% Zoom Out Function—This portable projector with both 4P and 4D keystone correction. No matter where the projector is, we could always adjust the image to rectangle on remote. It is with 100%-50% zoom out function. Without moving the projector, we could reduce the image size to 50%.It also has 360°flip function, support front, rear and ceiling projection.
50-500’’ Display Perfect Indoor Projector & Business Presentation Use—With 1.5-10m projection distance, it will bring 50-500 inches image. The optimum distance is 3m. It can connect with PC, computer, USB drive, DVD player, TV stick, chromecast, PS5 ect. A best choice for home movie entertainment, games, yoga, and party usage. Furthermore, just by plugging an USB drive to the projector, it can display Excel/Word/PDF/Power directly. A very good partner for small conferences.
200,000 Hours Lamp Life & 4-Year Leading Warranty—Adopted the latest SmarEco technology and most stable LED lamp, the lifespan of this outdoor projector is about 200,000 hours, which is twice longer than others. Others have only 6 months back warranty, while WiMiUS offer 4 years warranty. 1 year replacement and 3 years repair service, giving you double assurance.

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5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector, WiMiUS Top K8 Full HD Projector 4K Support Native 1080P, 370 ANSI Lumens 4P/4D Keystone, 50% Zoom, Bluetooth 5.1 Outdoor Video Projector for PC PS5 Smartphone USB


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