4K 5G WiFi Projector, WiMiUS Upgrade K3 Video Projector 360 ansi lumens Native 1920×1080 LED Projector Support 4k 500″ Display Zoom for Indoor Home Theater and Outdoor Movie


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Product Description

Welcome to Choose WiMiUS Newest K3 1080P WiFi Projector

New K3 projectorNew K3 projector

Are you feeling other 9500 lumens and 9800 lumens projector is still dim for home movies?

Are you feeling other native 1080P projector is still blurry after focus?

Are you suffering from lag when connecting with other 5G wifi projector with smartphone?

Don’t worry. Let’s welcome WiMiUS New K3 to solve these trouble for you.

Why choosing WiMiUS K3 among hundreds of 1080P Projector?

1. 5G faster Wifi projector—This is the first true 5G wifi 1080P projector (other wifi projector only support 2.4G wifi). You could connect it with smartphone wirelessly. No external HDMI dongle is needed.

2. High brightness—Among 300 US dollars LED projectors, this one is very bright in dark and semi-dark room.

3. Native 1080P resolution—This HD projector is with true native 1080P resolution. The image is very clear in dark room use.

4. Better speaker—This movie projector was built in dual stereo speakers ever, which will give you real theater sound effect.

10000L projector10000L projector

+50% Brighter than Other 1080P Projector

Brightness is the core of a projector. WiMiUS has been working day by day to provide brighter projectors for our consumers for better viewing experience.

Comparing with other native 1080P projectors, this hd projector is 50% brighter. it will bring you very bright images in dark environment. With a little light on, the image is also great.

Native 1080P Resolution Support 4K

The higher the native resolution, the clearer the image would be. For LED projectors, the highest native resolution is 1080P now. When connecting with PC or smartphone, it can support 4K videos.

For other wifi projector, their native resolution is 720P. Native 1080P is 4 times more details than native 720P projectors.

10000:1 Contrast Ratio

Contrast ration contributes to the color of the image. The higher the contrast ratio, the better the image will be.

10000:1 contrast ratio will bring you real color the images, instead of washed out colors.

P.S: The darker the environment, the better the image will be.

Wifi projectorWifi projector

5G Wifi Function

Easy to connect with wifi:

1. Choose corresponding signal source, “IOS” or “Android”.

2. Turn on the wifi function of your smartphone, and find the projector’s wifi. And fill in projector’s wifi on your phone.

3. Turn on the mirror function on your phone, and choose the projector to realize screen mirroring.

For iPhone or iPad, if you want wired connection. Just connect them with original charging cable and then turn on the mirror function on your phone, then it will work.

PS: The fluency of screen mirroring with wireless connection will be affected by the network environment. Make sure your mobile device is closed to the projector when using wireless connection. A distance within 2 meters is recommended.

Please note that it doesn’t have bluetooth function.

For detailed connection steps, please refer to page 9 in manual. Any questions, let us know.

For netflix, hulu, prime video etc, because of HDCP limit, only when connected with PC, the projector can display them. On smartphone, the projector doesn’t support them. But you could watch them in TV stick.

outdoor projectoroutdoor projector

50-300 Inches Projection Screen

With a projection distance of 1.5-7 meters, it can produce 50-300 inches giant screen. Kindly please move the projector to change the screen size.

The optimum projection distance is 3m.

100%-75% Zoom function

For easier shrink the image size, we could use the zoom function on the remote to make the image size from 100% to 75%.

To make the image larger, please move the projector farther to the screen.

HiFi Sound

This projector is built in dual 10W steres speakers, it will produce very good hearing sound. For indoor use, no need to add external speakers.

For outdoor use, you could add external speaker via 3.5mm aux cable.

Removable Dust Filter

To prevent the dust go into the projector to affect the image quality, we designed this removable dust filter for this projector.

Just pull the filter out and then clean the dust.

Which one Best
No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4

Native 1080P

Wifi Function
Yes Yes No No

Bluetooth Function
Yes No No No

【New 5G WiFi Projector – 4 Times Faster than 2.4G 】For easier connection with smartphones and iPad, we built in most advanced wifi chip for K3 projector. This new full hd 1080p WiFi projector enables faster and 5G fastest wireless connection with IOS and Android system, providing smoother video transmission and gaming experience, no USB cables and HDMI adapters required. Just wirelessly project your small screen onto a large screen.
【Dual 10W Stereo Speaker and Low Fan Noise】Be equipped with dual 10W speakers, which will beat 90% other projectors. It will produce stereo and loud sound. Also, you could connect with external 2.1 sound system for outdoor use. For the sound quality, this one is very good among all WiMiUS projectors. Moreover, the fan noise of this model is a little lower than others, giving you a quieter movie night.
【Other advantages of this home theater projector】50-500 inches giant projection screen; 50% lower fan noise than other 1080P projectors; Multiple connection devices such as PC, USB, Fire TV stick, Chromecast, PS3, PS4 and so on; Can be used for power point presentation is small size conference; Removable dust filter; 100-75% zoom out function.
【100000 Hours LED and Leading Warranty】This HD movie projector equipped with Germany most stable LED lamp, which can last as long as 100000 hours. Moreover, the 3 years warranty can give you double assurance. First year for free replacement. Next two year for free repair. Really no worry to take WiMiUS projector.

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4K 5G WiFi Projector, WiMiUS Upgrade K3 Video Projector 360 ansi lumens Native 1920×1080 LED Projector Support 4k 500″ Display Zoom for Indoor Home Theater and Outdoor Movie


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